Details about the Blake and Miranda divorce surface….


I woke up hoping that the Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert divorce was a bad dream, but it’s not. I also woke up to more details of would could’ve caused the downfall of country’s favorite couple.

For years, it’s been rumors of unfaithful rumors on Blake’s behalf, but according to Perez Hilton, it was actually Miranda that wasn’t loyal. And worse yet, the rumors involve another country star….Chris Young.

From Perez Hilton:

The bad news? There’s another source that claims Blake filed for divorce because he believed that Lambert was unfaithful…and not just once.
Blake has apparently suspected Miranda had hooked up with country singer Chris Young, who opened for Lambert a few years ago and has been seen out with the blonde beauty a few times.
Unfortunately, it doesn’t stop there as it’s believed there was another man involved in the mix as well. Blake filed for divorce two weeks ago because he had learned new information about his wife and another man — and Shelton believes what he learned to be true.

Let’s hope for all those involved, that these are just pesky rumors and that everyone can move on and do what’s best for them. No matter what caused the divorce, it’s never a happy situation.

UPDATE: Chris Young has responded to the allegations, read more HERE

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