Details about the Blake and Miranda divorce surface….


I woke up hoping that the Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert divorce was a bad dream, but it’s not. I also woke up to more details of would could’ve caused the downfall of country’s favorite couple.

For years, it’s been rumors of unfaithful rumors on Blake’s behalf, but according to Perez Hilton, it was actually Miranda that wasn’t loyal. And worse yet, the rumors involve another country star….Chris Young.

From Perez Hilton:

The bad news? There’s another source that claims Blake filed for divorce because he believed that Lambert was unfaithful…and not just once.
Blake has apparently suspected Miranda had hooked up with country singer Chris Young, who opened for Lambert a few years ago and has been seen out with the blonde beauty a few times.
Unfortunately, it doesn’t stop there as it’s believed there was another man involved in the mix as well. Blake filed for divorce two weeks ago because he had learned new information about his wife and another man — and Shelton believes what he learned to be true.

Let’s hope for all those involved, that these are just pesky rumors and that everyone can move on and do what’s best for them. No matter what caused the divorce, it’s never a happy situation.

UPDATE: Chris Young has responded to the allegations, read more HERE


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    If you don’t KNOW these things for a fact perhaps you should shut up 🙂


    If Miranda had an affair with Chris Young in March, why was Blake promoting Chris’ new single on Twitter in May? I’m not saying it isn’t possible, but I don’t see Blake supporting the man his wife had an affair with. Just doesn’t make sense to me.


    Hey, throw Miranda to the Blake Shelton Wolves…We’ve seen this game played out before with another country singer. Kick Miranda and she’ll get back up, this will be bad for Chris to overcome. The only relationship Chris Young has had with Miranda has been a respectable one. He has never shown nothing but respect to her and my guess is there has being NO affair. I’ve yet to see Miranda or Chris delete a picture of the two of them together… if they are being sneaky with something to hide. There is very much more to this story than Miranda having an affair. Her management want let this mud slinging continue for long with out doing something.This morning our DJ’s was saying something was brewing between Blake and Miranda at the ACM’s.


    You should update this story now that Chris has spoken out defending himself.


    Yes, Chris Young has made a statement that he isn’t one to go against friends..I knew there was nothing in that story true. Chris is managed by the same manager as Miranda. They will be commenting on the mud slinging of Miranda if it keeps going. Let them paint Blake Shelton white as snow, but don’t run down Miranda while doing so.


    Miranda didn’t cheat. That story was put out by Blakes PR people.m How low can you get Blake. Blake is going to miss that cute little spit- fire. Miranda is so talented, just love her.


      So if she did cheat I do believe if I was Blake I’d let it go. The divorce is final, he always blowed how he was busy in LA,never time for Miranda. Always heard if you get nothing at home you look in other places. I don’t blame her at all.May be wrong but thats the way it works more times than not. Blake want miss her, he stays on that twitter and texting every spare minute. So many little young girls say he text them and calls them. I wish to hear of him being in with a women his age, leave the young girls alone Blake. They deserve better!!!!


        are you all for real leave blake alone he did nothing wrong it was maranda and for all we know its been going on a while i love blake and he has done nothing but be hisself and hes made alot of girls dreams come true on the voice we are in the 9th season of the voice and we have never heard anything but good …if you want to hate on someone hate maranda she said size dont matter she was happy with her self and months later had lost alot of weight shes fake persona and i do believe she had all the affairs ,crazy stupid woman who would do that to blake shelton

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