Which Hard Rocker Has His Sights Set on Country Music?


First there was Steven Tyler. Then there was Korn frontman Jonathan Davis (Big & Rich collaboration). And now, another rocker is having sweet dreams about country music.

Marilyn Manson.

According to MetalHammer.com, Manson shared that he was working with Davis and could potentially end up with something “Southern sounding” himself in the near future.

Jonathan and I used to be really close. We hadn’t seen each other in quite some time. Now he and I are talking about doing something completely unexpected together.

While that statement in itself doesn’t confirm Manson’s country project, his comments during a recent Reddit “AMA,” supply a few more details regarding the possibility.

That’s some of the plans of the style of music that I’m working on right now. I don’t know what it’ll turn into. Some of it will be with Jonathan Davis, I think. Because he has plans of doing something similar as well. Something that might even cross over the boundaries of being more Southern-sounding.

Would you buy a Marilyn Manson country music-inspired album if he traded in his steel-toed shoes for some cowboy boots? Let us know by commenting below or tweeting us @NashvilleGab!

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