Could a Melissa Etheridge and Brandy Clark song be in the near future?


In what could be the most perfect musical match up since Taylor Swift and Sam Hunt, Brandy Clark hints to about a Melissa Etheridge co-write. Can you freakin imagine?!

Melissa had this to say about Brandy: “She is genuine. She’s a great writer, She knows how to write a great song from beginning to end, each verse, each line. I love that type of writing and singing and that kind of country music”

To which Brandy hinted:

“You know, I think we will,” Clark says with a smile. “She’s never reached out to me personally, but she has on Twitter. I’m a fan of hers, and I think we will end up writing together. When I’m out in L.A. I’d love to.”

Crossing fingers and toes for this to happen!

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