Cole Swindell Busts His You-Know-What


Cole Swindell recently joined Snoop Dogg (or is he Snoop Lion today?), Urban Meyer, fellow country star Justin Moore, and other celebrities for the Major League Baseball All-Star Legends & Celebrity Softball Game in Cincinnati, Ohio. Representing the Cleveland Indians (perhaps slightly sacrilegious, considering Cole is an Atlanta Braves fan), Cole hit the field to show attendees, teammates, and competitors that he can do more than simply chillin’ it on the bench.

As a member of the American League team, Cole busted his you-know-what … in two different ways. In an attempt to show his stellar outfielding skills, Cole ran after a blasted fly ball, and when he realized the ball had gone yard (and then some), he tried to put the brakes on, resulting in a collision between Cole’s rear and the freshly mowed grass. The Number 1 charting singer-songwriter shared his deep-“seated” pain with his Twitter followers upon posting a video of the incident.

We certainly hope Cole’s bruised bum and ego heal soon! In the meantime, watch the video embedded in the tweet and stifle your giggles (or just let ’em rip like we did).