*Exclusive* Ciara Rae World Premieres “Tennessee”


For some, Los Angeles is the place they aspire to go. For others, it’s Paris, the city of lights (and love). But for three girls from different areas of the country, the place their hearts steered them was vastly different and, perhaps, what few understand. However, what all can comprehend is a dream, the importance of following that dream, and being your own driving force to make it come true.

Belmont University student and songwriter Ciara Rae, along with Lauren Barocas and Allie Richards, penned “Tennessee,” a tune the girls describe in the opening of the new music video as:

A story about leaving home and following your dreams.

The girls go on to describe Nashville as “heaven” and “Disney World for musicians and artists” because this is where singers, songwriters, and musicians head to turn their fantasies into their realities. Aptly capturing the fact that many travel to Music City to gain inspiration and motivation to put their talents to work and build a career out of something they love, Ciara Rae sings of wanting to take on the world and discover who she really wants to be.

The music video, shot by Gill of Bellhop Suite, takes place in Nashville, spotlighting popular hangout Pinewood Social, as well as consignment shop ThriftSmart, where the girls filmed a large portion of the production. Adequately remaining local and visiting places that are significant to them in their Nashville-based lives, Ciara, along with Lauren and Allie, show that Tennessee has truly become their home and right where they belong.

Whether your dream is to travel someplace near or far, east or west, north or south, you have a dream. The commonality is that everybody wants something more than what they have and believes, somewhere inside him/her, that a wish is attainable if you work to make it come true. Those desires to strive for something bigger and remain optimistic throughout it all are what make Ciara Rae’s “Tennessee” so incredibly relatable to people from all walks of life.

Watch Ciara Rae’s new video for “Tennessee”: