Chris Young addresses those pesky Miranda Lambert rumors


Just in case you were wondering, Chris Young adamantly denies being a factor in Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert‘s divorce.

Chris took to Twitter today to address the rumor that he had an affair with the former Mrs. Blake Shelton, writing:

I don’t normally address gossip but in this case I will. My name has been mentioned as a contributing factor in Blake and Miranda’s divorce. That is totally FALSE. They are both my friends and I would not betray that friendship. Just wanted to clear that up. Love you guys – CY.

Once or twice I’ve found myself on the wrong side of feuds with the Shelton-Lambert fandom. Looking back at the nastiness that spewed forth because of a bad song review or some silly story I posted, I can’t even imagine the crap Chris must be getting from the internet over people thinking he was part of the reason their marriage fell apart.


Do you think Chris addressing the rumors has made things better or worse?


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    Good thing. Finally someone credible says these are fake. Currently his PR team is raking her over the coals w/ story after story with close Shelton sources cited. Yesterday they asked for privacy and either his team didn’t get the message or something. Sad to see. Guess being in LA has taught him well. Always heard that Black stock was connected to People mag and E!, AccessHollywood, Today show are on NBC like the Voice so I think we know the edit Miranda will get sadly. Two people in a marriage can’t blame everything on her sorry.


      Yes this was a bit funny…he did not have sex with that woman What they are saying is really making a joke out of Blake with many of his artist friends.Say he caught her having an affair…Blake Shelton had a full blooded woman, full blooded women have needs. His choice was the young ones wanting a music career over his wife. Its not for me to understand, but I truely believe those young people do something for his ego. For sure it isn’t the money when Miranda tied with him in yearly earnings on the Forbes List. I’ve been a Miranda fan for along long time and will continue to be. She will keep putting out her kind of music and I do believe we will began to see a less stressed out gal. Within the last year she didn’t seem to be holding her head as high as it deserved. She’ll be must happier after awhile and Blake will continue to live his life as always, being the funny, happy, inmuture boy that he is. Breaking a few young hearts along the way.Yes, The Blackstock have a friend at People, but so what. They will not hurt Miranda in the long run.

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