Cassadee Pope Continues Radio Tour and Proves Invincibility


Cassadee Pope has been out on the road in true whirlwind fashion, promoting her new single “I Am Invincible,” which will become available on iTunes and Apple Music tomorrow (July 24th). During a stop over in Las Vegas, Cassadee visited the 102.7 The Coyote studio and performed an acoustic set for station listeners and fans. Part of the set was the new single, much to the excitement of those in the room.

While the produced version of the song will still remain a mystery for the next twelve hours, the acoustic version, which includes Cassadee on guitar, is enough to drop jaws throughout the industry — and not just within country music. With true crossover potential already becoming obvious, solely based on the strength in the lyrics, the heavy-hitting in the choruses, and the edginess stemming from Cassadee’s rock roots, “I Am Invincible” is poised to be the Big Machine artist’s next huge hit. In fact, the song is primed to be the breakout track of Cassadee’s career, catapulting her to multiple genre success that has previously been enjoyed by the likes of Shania Twain, Faith Hill, and Taylor Swift.

Watch the acoustic performance of “I Am Invincible” from 102.7 The Coyote. You will be hard pressed to find another artist with the range, control, and clarity of this singer-songwriter waiting to explode into super-stardom.

Make sure you let Cassadee Pope know what you think by tweeting her and using the hashtag #IAMINVINCIBLE.


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    Move over Nashville…This empowered star will forever shine. Blake Shelton found himself a keeper here!!!


      Sales are looking good for Cassadee, but my guess they would be bigger if Blake Shelton would tweet his 13million fans and tell them to go buy ” I Am Invincible”. Put that Good Care you give Cassadee to work in building record sales today. We know you’re watching , Stop your game playing, you’re a single Boy now!!! SuperStar in the making here!!!

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