Rare Video of Teenage Carrie Underwood Emerges


We’ve all been there. The purposely forgotten awkward period photographs and videos that our parents boisterously displayed, thereby mortifying us until we spread our wings and were able to fly far away from those days. However, when you are a celebrity and a well-known citizen of a small town who grows up to conquer the country music world, those old mementos are dug up like precious fossils … and shared on the Internet for the world to see.

A video of high school freshman Carrie Underwood was recently uploaded to YouTube and shared with the masses, showing off the young girl’s pipes in her formative years. As she covered Martina McBride‘s tremendous song, “Broken Wing,” Carrie set the tone for the journey on which she was about to embark for the rest of her life — one of musical magic.

A couple of things we learned from the video include: 1) Carrie actually never experienced an awkward phase like most of us did and; 2) the modern day superstar was primed for an exceptional future long before she could have envisioned moving from the Miss Westark Pageant stage to ones that stand before tens of thousands of eager fans.

Watch Carrie Underwood amaze the crowd (and the announcer) with her teenage rendition of Martina McBride’s incredibly beautiful and difficult ballad: