Camille Rae’s Debut “Shadows” Offers a Different Perspective on “Redneck Crazy”

Camille Rae

Camille Rae makes her country music debut with “Shadows,” a song that tells the woman’s side of the story from the hit “Redneck Crazy.”

While the Tyler Farr hit was a slower tempo, “Shadows,” brought a more upbeat feel to the mix. It has the woman talking about all the things the man didn’t do that led her into the arms another. It even goes as far as to mention the taillights pointed at the house, and him getting drunk.

Now there are those who may think that this song is a way to piggy back on the success of Tyler Farr’s first smash-hit, but something like this rarely happens. Rarely in any breakup song do we get the other person’s point of view in the form of a whole song. In “Redneck Crazy” Tyler Farr sings about getting his “pissed off on,” and doing things that in reality would prompt a visit from the authorities.

“Shadows” is the woman’s explanation for why she left. He wasn’t giving her the time of day so she found someone who would. He may have not have a big truck, but he’s there spending time with her. In the end, It’s the simple things.

Rae’s vocals shine through as well. She’s woman taking control saying she deserves better, and goes for it. She sings like she’s been in the same kind of situation before.

A song like this is perfect example of how there are multiple sides to every story, and how about how communication is key in any relationship. And this side is definitely worth hearing.

{Photo Credit: Taylor Dukes Photography & Design}