Best Song About America You Aren’t Listening To


It’s Fourth of July weekend and you are most likely updating your playlists to feature some patriotic tunes to get in the holiday spirit. Songs you immediately think of (and should!) include Lee Greenwood‘s “God Bless the USA,” Martina McBride‘s “Independence Day,” Aaron Tippin‘s “Where the Stars and Stripes and the Eagles Fly,” Phil Vassar‘s “American Child,” a myriad of Toby Keith goodies, and many more.

However, there is one that might slip your mind, but deserves a prime spot on that American pride playlist, and we want to make sure you are musically fulfilled this weekend. You should be adding Brooke Eden’s “American Dreamin'” to your lists, as it is one of the best songs you might not have heard yet, performed by one of the best rising stars in country music.

Signed to Broken Bow Records with a co-publishing deal with Warner/Chappell and Magic Mustang, Brooke released “American Dreamin'” last July 3rd, just in time for the holiday. It rose to Number 24 on Sirius XM The Highway‘s Hot 45 countdown, competing with (and besting) some of the biggest names in country music for many weeks consecutively.

But all those numbers are just logistical. The real reasons you should be listening to Brooke’s “American Dreamin'” are the infectious melody, the relatable lyrics, and the uniquely spectacular voice that come together to form the track.

With a country/pop/rock vibe, “American Dreamin'” is simply about having your sights set on something, whether it is a certain career, a way of life, or a kind of love, and unabashedly going for it until that dream comes true. Couple the inspirational message with the vocals of Brooke Eden, which could aptly be described as gravelly, yet pristine, with incomparable range, and the song bleeds of emotion and encouragement that will enlighten you to strive for something you may not believe is possible.

Watch Brooke Eden’s “American Dreamin'” lyric video below and download her song from iTunes so you can make the necessary modification to your typical America playlist just in time for the holiday.

Photo credit: Sara Kauss / Sara Kauss Photography