Exclusive Interview: Introducing Bobby Wills


Nashville is about to get its next best Canadian import in the form of Bobby Wills, whose EP Crazy Enough was released July 17th. Already a phenom in our neighbor to the north, Bobby is ready to take the U.S. by storm and NashvilleGab recently had the chance to chat with the charismatic country crooner.

Although Wills always grew up loving music, his life changed when he met his biological family and discovered that they were all musicians, lighting a new fire under him. While he’s had success in Canada, his goal has always been Nashville. “Canada was where we started because it was home at the time and it gave us a place to cut our chops, but out goal has always been to be here in Nashville and have an international career.”

When it comes to his music, Wills lists influences like Garth Brooks and Keith Whitley, admitting that it was the latter who truly changed his perspective on music. “Probably the moment I remember most from any artist…I was in my dad’s truck and Keith Whitley was on the radio singing ‘I’m Over You.’… I thought ‘Man, that guy’s not just singing. You can really feel that and that’s not just a voice, it’s something you feel inside when you hear him sing. That’s probably the moment that I thought this is really what I want to do.”

With the release of his new EP Crazy Enough, Wills is ready to show the various side of his voice and his personality, ranging from “Never Gonna Love You” to his current single “Crazy Enough.” Of the single, he says “The best word to describe it is fun. I think it’s very accessible and we’ve all sort of been there in our lives…I love songs that can make you laugh or make you cry and sometimes it’s great to have one that’s just flat-out fun and I think that’s the best way to describe the song.”

He also cites “With You” as one of his favorites. “That’s a really powerful song that means an awful lot to me, so we tried to create variety and I tried to stretch as an artist. The music really represent who I am and I”m very proud of that.”

While Wills has already achieved a ton of accolades for his work, he admits that he still has much to accomplish. “My heart is really into songwriting and so songwriting accolades are something that I’ll admit that I really pine for. I’m very, very proud of that part of what we’ve been able to accomplish so far. I don’t think anyone gets into music to win awards, but it’s nice when it happens.”

And when it comes to collaborations, he admits that one tops his list. “One of my bucket list things to do is to sing a song with Lee Ann Womack. I think she could sing the phone book,” he laughs. “For that matter, if they invited me to go do a duet and it was the phone book, I would go do it.”

Bobby Wills’ new EP Crazy Enough is out now!


1. “Never Didn’t Love You” (Bobby Wills/Mike Pyle/Walt Aldridge)
2. “Crazy Enough” (Bobby Wills/Mike Pyle/Walt Aldridge)
3. “Still Something There” (Bobby Wills/Mike Pyle/Walt Aldridge)
4. “So Much for Taking It Slow” (Bobby Wills/Mike Pyle/Walt Aldridge)
5. “With You” (Bobby Wills/Mike Pyle/Walt Aldridge)

For more information on Bobby, visit www.bobbywills.com. Connect with Bobby on FacebookTwitter and YouTube.