Blake Shelton Releases New Single “Gonna” (Watch the Video!)


Following the rise of Blake Shelton‘s “Sangria” to the Number 1 spot on the charts, marking his fifteenth chart-topper in a row, Bringing Back the Sunshine now hails its fourth single to vie for the same positioning.

Gonna,” which was penned by Luke Laird and Craig Wiseman, is an uptempo song with mass radio appeal. The initially flirty tune shows the progression of a relationship from a potential one-night joyride to the hopes of a forever by my side. Culminating with the intentions of putting “a little rock steady on your hand,” the character Blake portrays on the track has fallen hard and fast for the girl he is digging on tonight.

The video, which does not star Blake as the leading man, but takes place in his hometown of Ada, Oklahoma, shows a man and woman meeting and growing together as the lyrics suggest. Tending to prove their increasing love and deepening feelings, the music video focuses on the two relaying messages to one another through texts, as they send selfies and sexy sentiments.

Blake Shelton’s fourth single off his latest album will likely follow suit of his previous releases, especially considering that this particular song has all the components necessary to make it a bonafide hit on country music radio: a little bit of manly confidence, a flirty vibe, a beat with a fun hook, and catchy lyrics. Watch the music video for “Gonna” below and let us know what you think!


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    Another #1 for our Nashville Music God,,,The picture he tweeted of his sweet baby girl, RaeLynn was great. Maybe he has decided to help Miranda get that sweetie to the Top. Hope we see more/more about RaeLynn on Nashville Gab.

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