Blake Shelton Finally Speaks Out


Since “news” emerged yesterday that Blake Shelton filed for divorce from Miranda Lambert and the dissolution of marriage was already final, the country music funny man has been silent.

Until now.

Amidst speculations and the expected conspiracy theories as to why the Shlambert assets were split down the middle, other artists and individuals were tossed into the mix, in a typical spray and pray for answers fashion. Fans have been glued to social media, awaiting word from the parties actually involved in the matter, and finally, Blake Shelton has spoken a few profound words.

Yup, he’s back, ladies and gentlemen! Man, we missed him. Now, somebody pass the man a flask and let’s all begin the moving on process as a united front.


  1.' Crockett July 22, 2015
  2.' Kathleen September 16, 2015

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