Because I’ve received some complaints about the recent shirtless Dierks and Luke posts …

I aim to please

I’ve had a couple of men contact me and let me know how disappointed they are that we here at NashvilleGab have posted pictures of both Dierks Bentley shirtless and Luke Bryan shirtless, but have not shown the same sort of love for the ladies.

I’m truly sorry to our male readers (and maybe a few female readers) for being completely lopsided on this issue. Unfortunately for the lovers of beautiful ladies, the Mirandas, Rebas, and Carries of country music don’t spend much time running around topless in public.

However, I solemnly swear that the minute a picture of a lovely country lady running on a beach sans shirt shows up online, you’ll be the first ones I share it with.

Because I am an equal opportunity sharer of important things.

Until then, here’s Kacey Musgraves being all patriotic for your viewing pleasure.

And God Bless America!

Kacey Musgraves patriotic
Patriotic Kacey Musgraves – Instagram