Ashley Monroe opens up about Miranda Lambert post divorce…


I don’t know what getting back to normal is like for Miranda Lambert, but I imagine being on stage is as about as close as that gets for her. And being on stage the week she announced her divorce proved her passion for singing.

“I’ve known her for 10 years, and the love between us truly is like a sister. I knew once she started to hear me sing . . . she’d want to sing harmony. That’s how we do,” Monroe told reporters.

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Nothing like having a “go to” at any time of difficulty in your life and we’re glad Ashley is proving to be that for Miranda…in more ways than one.

Monroe said: “We’ve definitely gone through a lot together as friends and through life, but I can see her and I rockin’ it out when we’re 90 years old, sitting there with a shotgun in our hand, rockin’ on the front porch somewhere, like ‘The Golden Girls.’”

Now that’s a visual!

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