Ashley Monroe Addresses Being in the Middle of Blake’s and Miranda’s Tweets


The world was rocked several times last week amidst the information that country music’s beloved couple, Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert, legally called it quits. However, hearts began to mend when the two surprisingly and wisely took to Twitter to support their mutual friend, Ashley Monroe, and the release of her album The Blade.

Of course, that left many inquiring minds wondering how torn Ashley may feel regarding the divorce of her longtime friends and frequent musical partners. Us Weekly sat down with Ashley and asked the question that was fresh in everybody’s minds.

When I saw the tweets I was like, “Oh my gosh!” Then I was thinking, “This puts me in the middle and I don’t know what’s happening!” But it took a not-so-fun situation and put the attention on me! I loved it.

It was a brilliant decoy, indeed, placing the public eye on something other than the end of a marriage, and also gave Ashley the platform to speak out regarding her feelings on her individual friendships with the former couple.

Blake is one of my best friends and so is she. So they both love me so much.

And they all lived amicably ever after.

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