Andy Grammer and Eli Young Band Bring Country-Pop Balance to “Honey, I’m Good”

Eli Young Band and Andy Grammer

“Honey, I’m Good” first appeared on pop-singer Andy Grammer’s most recent album, Magazines or Novels, and now it’s about to make a run at country radio with some help from Eli Young band.

The single was released to iTunes on Tuesday, July 14th.

The song marks a departure for both Grammer and Eli Young Band as it’s the pop-singer’s first venture into the country world, and it’s the most pop-sounding song Mike Eli and the guys have ever put out. Despite their growing popularity in the country world they seem to have managed to stay pretty close to their original sound. However, their most recent EP, Turn It On, did find them trying out some new sounds.

“Honey, I’m Good” does a great job of mixing the worlds of pop and country. There’s a kick drum that will surely put people’s subwoofers to good use and get them on the dance floor. The banjo roll mixes well with the upbeat nature of the song, and reminds one of Rednex’s “Cotton Eyed Joe” from the ’90s.

While it may not seem as though there’s much to the song, a close listen to the lyrics reveals that it’s about a man staying faithful in a relationship. It’s said very simply, and repetitively, but those few words say a lot.

It’s a great collaboration by Andy Grammer and Eli Young band, and a nice addition to anyone’s summer playlist.

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