Don’t Mess with Texas … Or the Zac Brown Band!

Zac Brown Greatest Hits

One Zac Brown Band fanatic learned the hard way that when it comes to Texas AND ZBB, just don’t mess.

Zac Brown Band brought its show to Milwaukee, Wisconsin over the weekend; and along with its show, it brought buddy J.J. Watt from the Houston Texans. Little did a stage-invading fan realize, Watt was off in the stage left wings, ready to flip the switch into his defensive lineman mode… Or wait; did he know?!

As the fan jumped on stage, Watt charged from side stage, tackling the waif-like man as if he was a quarterback about to throw a game winning pass. Luckily for the band, the “fan”, who was identified as Jake Bartol (or Flody Boatwood) is perfectly fine and able to continue his work as part of the ZBB sound crew.

Joke or not, this tackle is a contender for ESPN SportsCenter‘s Top 10 this week, and for good reason. Hey, Jake, if the whole sound guy/music video star thing doesn’t work out, you may have a career as a football training camp dummy for the defensive line.