Why do we pit talented women against one another?


When change occurs on any level reflection is bound to transpire.  While reflection, in its splendid subjectivity, can extend solutions to situations we weren’t even aware were in question, it can also generate a plethora of questions that may have been quite content living in the shadows of headlines that equate to numbers. Numbers that equal sales. Numbers that equal readers. Numbers that equal money.

But one question I refused to ignore in relation to all this change that’s been proceeding, is why does it take pitting two talented women against one another for the mass media to acknowledge their correlated existence and form a story? And yes I am looking at all the mainstream media outlets that jumped on the “Kacey has a Taylor Diss Track” band wagon.

This certainly isn’t something new. But with all the pro-active steps that are being made, it’s borderline humorous we accept a story like Kacey Musgraves taking digs at Taylor Swift and use it to catapult interest “organically”. Whether or not any of Kacey’s songs were directed at Taylor, the focus is gravely missed.  The focus should be re-aligned to Kacey’s uncanny ability to take her own oddball, albeit authentic, life experiences and make people (Yes PEOPLE, not just women, not just men, not just straight, not just gay, not yellow, not red, but PEOPLE) relate to words that are sung with fluidity and sincerity. It’s a beautiful thing ,really, when a songwriter can take experiences stemming from their own life and word them in a way that can make millions of people not feel alone. Even a song like ‘Good Ol Boys Club’ is relatable to the fans. Maybe someone is feeling tied to the corporate work code and is afraid to break the mold and this song gives them strength.

Bottom line, Kacey is giving people hope. Much like Taylor Swift does to her fanbase with her songwriting skills. You see, the subject of who these songs are about are a very small percentage of the overall meaning of what these songs delineate.

Not to pull a feminism card, but when was the last time you asked yourself if Jason Aldean was taking a dig at Hunter Hayes in a song? Or George Strait taking digs at Luke Bryan?

Kacey and Taylor both represent young women hustling to make their dreams come true and using their fame to make positive changes while staying true to the core of their songwriting and singing abilities….shouldn’t that be of interest enough?


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  1. RickyGBeBe@hotmail.com'

    i agree but kacey is so much more talented than taylor as an artist and really aware of who she is.

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