Whopping 25 arrests at the Kenny Chesney and Jason Aldean concert…


Who knew a country music concert would keep officers at Lambeau Field more busy than at a football game! But that’s exactly what happened at the double headliner Kenny Chesney/Jason Aldean concert.

“Right now our numbers, officially, are 25 arrests and 123 ejections. As far as ejections, it got to a point where officers had to kick people out. But the ejections got to a point where officers weren’t able to call out with them they were just escorting people out of the stadium,” said Lt. Chad Ramos, with the Green Bay Police Department.

That’s a crap ton! Comparing that to the Green Bay Football games will blow your mind….FOX11 broke it down:

Here are the facts:

During the 2014 Packers-Bears game 16 people were arrested and 29 were tossed out of Lambeau Field.

Overall, on average in 2014 the Green Bay Police Department made about 6.2 arrests and 23 ejections per game.

In 2015, the department made 8 arrests and 27 ejections, on average, each game.

“One of the officers in particular told me it was the worst event he’s ever worked there. All of our officer were paired up. That was a good thing in terms of their security so they were paired up with another officer,” Ramos said.


Police say many of the fans arrested at the concert have been charged with unlawful conduct at a public event.

And surprise surprise but officials say alcohol played a major role in the arrests and ejections.

“This is another incident of over indulgence of alcohol, period. When people drink for long periods of time, and engage in a party atmosphere, there’s going to be some unintended consequences,” Ramos said.

I’d be curious to know the numbers of a rap concert vs a country concert!