Who is calling Kip Moore a sissy?!


Kip Moore doesn’t strike me as the type of guy you’d want to mess with, but Canaan Smith wasn’t afraid to dish some words to his tour buddy. He told Taste Of Country,  that the day Dierks Bentley made them all take the polar plunge that Maddie & Tae were braver than Kip!

“Kip was a sissy that day,” Smith said.

Say what?! Now before we go and declare war, it’s important to note that Dierks, Canaan and Kip are really good buddies.

“The better friends you are with people out there on the road, the more you fool around and act crazy,” Smith previously told Radio.com. “I actually have some ideas in my head of how I’m going to get Dierks back for the Polar Plunge thing he did to us. Small price to pay for a good tour I guess.”

Rumor on the street is the tour is ONE TO WATCH.