What happens when a fan misses a call from Cassadee Pope and doesn’t have voice mail set up: Based on a True Story


Most of us can only dream of our favorite singers taking time out of their hectic schedules to give us a buzz, but for Cassadee Pope fan Peyton that become a reality. Only…there was a small bump in the road because she didn’t answer. AND not only didn’t she answer….but her voice mail wasn’t set up. BUMMER, right? Well, lucky for Peyton, Cassadee isn’t exactly your average singer. She’s probably one of the top 3 artists out there that go above and beyond for their fans.

Cassadee was taking time to video her reading some fan mail and answer questions and/or concerns directly from the mail.  Funny thing is…it wasn’t the first time the Gab caught her being uber FANtastic. And check it….not only was she reading fan mail, answering questions and calling fans…she was also giving out gifts. I’m sure seeing a video of all this would be much cooler than me explaining it, so check it out below: