What do Dierks Bentley, Maddie And Tae, Girls in Flight Attendant costumes and beer chugs have in common?


Apparently beer chugs, massive sing-a-longs, Maddie & Tae, and girls in flight attendant costumes are just a normal night on the road with Dierks Bentley. And all I hafta’ say about that is….where do I sign up?

Yahoo! Music reviewed Dierks’ show and brought up a pretty solid point about the Maddie & Tae bit….

Bentley brought out his opening girl duo one more time at the end of the show, when he performed “Drunk on a Plane,” the smash that currently holds the CMA Award for Music Video of the Year. This time, the “Girl in a Country Song” duo donned retro stewardess outfits to groove alongside Bentley, which may or may not be considered contrary to their overall feminist statement on women in country music

They were quick to add that Dierks said the overall show had a much more ‘Tip It On Back’ vibe….which someone counters that feminist claim? Hey…sounds like plain, good fun either way you slice it.

Will YOU be seeing Dierks out on tour?

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