Watch Tyler Farr fall from a second story balcony

Spiderman Tyler Farr

You better file this one under, “Kids, don’t try this at home!”

Anytime a video starts out with, “This is a bad idea,” you know it’s going to be one wild ride. And this video of Tyler Farr falling off of a balcony is just about as wild as they come.

Story is, Tyler was in Jamaica along with Jerrod Niemann and several other singers for the Boots on the Beach show last month. One morning Tyler decided it would be funny to climb up to the second story balcony of Jerrod’s room to wake him up.

Tyler made it up just fine, it was the coming down that presented a bit of a problem.

“That one time I went to Jamaica for #BootsOnTheBeach and decided to give Jerrod Niemann a friendly wake up call…. I’ve had better ideas,” Tyler wrote as a caption to the video below.

Better ideas than playing Spider-Man in paradise? I don’t think so.

Prepare to cringe and laugh.

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