Toby Keith speaks out about gun control after Charleston…


Toby Keith reacted to President Barack Obama’s call for stricter gun laws after the unfortunate and traffic Charleston, SC shooting by saying stricter gun laws would not help prevent tragedies like the one that took place at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, which claimed  lives taken in a violent attack.

Keith argued that if someone like a police officer had been at the church and had his pistol with him, he could have stopped Roof from taking lives.

“There’s countries all over the world that have really, really strict gun policies like Oslo, Norway and it happens there. If it can happen in church, it can happen anywhere. There’s no answer to it. You cant predict when evil’s gonna show up. if there would’ve been an officer in there worshipping that day and he would have had his pistol with him, maybe 7 or 8 of those would still be alive.”