Tim McGraw knows how to do what moves him in role for a Christian movie..


As we are on the hunt for artists that are doing what moves them thanks to Swiftwick, we stumbled across Tim McGraw. No one is out doing what moves them more than Tim these days. Or any day really. I mean between his stage performances, work out routines(fun fact: he’s actually wearing Swiftwick socks in the above photo!), family and movie roles, Tim keeps himself occupied.  And speaking of movie roles, he can add another one to his resume.

Tim was added to the cast of The Shack, an upcoming film based on the 2007 bestselling novel by William Paul Young. The faith-based drama stars Sam Worthington as a father whose young daughter was kidnapped and believed to have been murdered while on a family camping trip.

Certainly sounds interesting. So…how are you doing what moves YOU today?!