Tim McGraw is giving away 36 free homes to US Veterans


Now this is the stuff that makes you realize Tim McGraw has one of the biggest hearts in the world. According to HLNTV, Tim will be giving away 36 fully paid for homes to US Veterans.  And 36 wasn’t just some random number…that’s how many stops are on his tour!

“These families made an incredible mark on me, and I’m more grateful than I’ve ever been for the sacrifices they make every day to serve our country,” McGraw said. “Launching our HomeFront program made last summer so much more special than I could have originally imagined. I can honestly say that I got as much — or more — out of the experience than the veterans who received the new homes and assistance.”

With the addition of this year’s home giveaway, McGraw will have supplied U.S. veterans with more than 140 free houses since getting involved with the operation in 2012.

Tim’s commitment to giving back to our military is nothing short of inspiring!


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