Help Thomas Rhett Choose His New Album Cover

Thomas Rhett

There’s no denying that an album cover is a key element of a new album. It’s that photo that often overtakes social media, is blown up on posters and lives forever in infamy. For that reason, Thomas Rhett has enlisted his army of trusted fans to help him make such an important decision.

Fans can head to to vote on the cover of the singer’s new album, Tangled Up, due out in stores September 25th. While the decision shouldn’t be TOO difficult as each prospective cover features Rhett looking pensive in a torn white T-shirt, apparently it’s difficult enough that his record execs couldn’t choose.

Which level of pensive and squiggly or not-so-squiggly font correctly illustrates the theme of Tangled Up? The decision is all yours, T. Rhett fans. Choose wisely or it’s your fault if the album crashes…and burns.

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