Martina McBride Makes Worldwide Impact


Musicians know that music touches and changes lives, but sometimes a song is released and it takes on a life of its own — one with magnitude of which the artist could never have even dreamed. In 2011, Martina McBride released a song like that and the world is forever changed because of the way one special fan received the lyrics and meaning of the track.

“I’m Gonna Love You Through It” is a song about a husband who helps his wife as she battles cancer, promising to carry her and support her, especially during her weakest moments. The song immensely inspired one Martina fan, Sheila Jones, who decided to raise awareness and funds for cancer research by calling on country music fans to love ailing patients through their journeys.

What began as a Nashville-based walk for cancer turned into assisting at homeless shelters and providing musical instruments to underprivileged schools in Central America. Collectively, “Team Martina” has raised over $300,000 to show people love through their difficult times.

On CBS This Morning, Martina explained:

It’s very gratifying. The thing about Team Martina that’s so unique and so different is it was really started by the fans.

Sheila Jones is the fan that kick-started the movement of Team Martina, eventually turning her selfless attempt at doing for others into a full-time job with the country music star.

In discussing the fact that music has been able to change lives to the extent that Team Martina has by showing love, concern, and raising financial support for those in need, Martina eloquently stated:

Music is powerful. Music can heal, can inspire, it can motivate, it can lift someone up, it can give someone hope.

To learn more about Team Martina and find out how you can get involved, click here.