Taylor Swift’s has the most famous belly button in the world…

We talk about breaking the internet ALL the time and while certain events definitely trigger the internet to go crazy, I don’t know if anyone does it quite as frequently as Miss Taylor Swift. She can do the the most simple thing, like ride on a swan with her man friend and every news outlet in the world covers it. Cray Cray.

So, when this photo of Taylor poking fun that she actually has a real belly button with a fan surfaced it naturally caused some eyes to migrate to it. And let’s be honest…it’s funny. What a way to spin the whole media craze Miss Swift. You and your team have done wonders in the last year and it’s honestly inspiring.


And it’s kinda cool the she re-confirmed she is indeed human and not a robot!

Update from Shannon: Because the internet is the internet and it’s a crazy, funny place to visit, Reddit users took this picture and photoshopped it over and over and over. The results were horrifying and funny and you should totally visit.

Reddit Taylor Swift belly button Taylor Swift Belly button 2


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