Taylor Swift Shakes Off Sexist Tabloid With Style And Sass


Round of applause to the legendary Taylor Swift who tweeted a memorable comeback to a sexist tabloid, OK Magazine, after they penned an article with a misleading title, as well as misogynist references towards Swift.

OK Magazine had tweeted their followers an article about Taylor’s genuine kindness and helping out a couple announce news of their first pregnancy to the world. The father and mother posed with Taylor holding up an adorable sign, “Baby’s 1st Concert”. However, now deleted (cowards!!), the tabloid had worded their tweet in a way that it sounded like Taylor was announcing her own pregnancy – woah, off limits, right? But wait, there’s more to how problematic this all is!

Instead of referring to Taylor as her actual name, the modern star of the music industry, or anything slightly referencing her accomplished goals, they instead referred to her as “Harry Style’s ex girlfriend” and “Calvin Harris’ rumored girlfriend”. Sexism, ladies and gentlemen, and not an ounce of respect or sense for the Grammy Award-winning queen who is literally owning the world as we speak.

Taylor swiftly responded with an epic meme of a whale reading “I came out of the ocean because you need to stop”, pointing that tabloids that spread sexism like OK Magazine did, are the reason we feminism today. Kudos to Taylor for defending herself as well as speaking up for other women worldwide who are never appreciated for their accomplishments, but rather scrutinized for who they are and aren’t currently dating. We’re with you, Taylor, let’s end this misogynist attitude, and no better to start than with journalism! GO TAYLOR!