Taylor Swift petitioning for Kelsea Ballerini’s next single?

Taylor Swift is in the middle of her 1989 World Tour and her most recent stop in Pittsburgh proved her country roots are still deep. On top of having Little Big Town come out on stage and be her surprise guest, she had fun back stage with Kelsea Ballerini. And not like forced fun between people trying to self promote, but like real fun.  And during that fun they had a jam session which included Taylor praising Kelsea’s ‘Hey Boy” song and saying that was her petition for it to be Ms. Ballerini’s next single.  And you know….whatever Taylor wants these days…Taylor gets..


Just some peeps chillin on a couch doing a jam session. Little Big Town even joined in! I’ll patiently be waiting for my intimation, but until then…these videos definitely make us feel included!


So, what do YOU think Kelsea’s next single should be?

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