Apple Music Will Have a Blank Space Where Taylor Swift’s Name Should Be


Taylor Swift has taken a stand against music streaming websites, removing her songs from the likes of Spotify and unofficial YouTube channels. Heck, as her bad blood was boiling over the streaming situation, Taylor even inadvertently removed one of her own videos from her YouTube channel, making fans see red.

Now, upon the announcement that the big Mac daddies will be launching Apple Music, Taylor is refusing to look back and tell herself she shoulda said no and is proactively and definitively putting her foot down. To that end, music lovers will not find the hit album 1989 on this streaming site either, according to BuzzFeed News. However, fans can wipe the teardrops off their guitars and rest well knowing they can find Taylor’s back catalog amongst the albums offered on the new service.

Standing her ground as it relates to her first pop album and newest chart-topping phenomenon, Taylor reinforces her belief that all #MusicHasValue and will only release the album in a way that will require consumers to pay for the projects that are so costly to produce. Her tactics haven’t proven detrimental to date, considering 1989 has sold almost five million copies since its November release, ending 2014 as the best-selling album and holding the reigns for 2015 thus far.

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Photo credit: Christopher Polk/Getty Images

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