Taylor Swift – 1; Apple Music – 0


We have known for awhile that Taylor Swift has the ability to make musical magic happen, but today, we found out she is even more powerful than Oz.

Yesterday, Taylor took to Tumblr to express her disdain with Apple Music‘s new streaming platform, which would have allowed users to sample the service for free, financially affecting the artists behind the content. After Taylor spoke up via open electronic letter on behalf of the new and independent artists, Apple Music returned to the boardroom and reconsidered its strategies, emerging with executives’ tails between their legs.

The result — artists will receive payment from Apple Music, even during the unpaid three-month free trial it offers its consumers. Showing her true character and gratitude, Taylor headed back to social media to celebrate the victory.


Listened to us? It was all you, T Swift. And if you don’t believe me, maybe you’ll take it from your studly beau.


Regardless, Taylor Swift has single-handedly ensured that no bad blood will exist between artists/songwriters and Apple Music, and that is pretty spectacular. My next question is when will Taylor be added to the Presidential ballot, because why not?