Alabama Native Steven Padilla Releases New Music Video


Alabama born and raised country artist Steven Padilla has been a hardworking musician for years, taking matters into his own hands to make sure his loyal fan base is constantly fulfilled with new music. He recently released his next single, “When I’m Drunk,” to iTunes, supplementing it with a simple, yet artistically sound, video.

Relying solely on his vocals and accompanying strings, Steven pours his emotion into a song about having a certain someone on his mind when he drinks. Recognizing his inability to use the bottles on his shelf to erase the memories, Steven admits defeat and painfully croons “I think about you when I’m drunk.”

The black and white video bleeds of despair, as Steven sits at the microphone, strums his guitar, and stares off blankly into the distance. The addition of a steel guitar provides the country music-appropriate wailing to honor Steven’s influences of traditional artists, while the lyrics of repentance and honesty mirror the qualities in the genre that fans admire the most.

Steven Padilla will be at #UverseCMAFest all weekend at AT&T U-verse Fan Fair X! Watch the video below, download his song on iTunes, and, if you are in Nashville, stop by FFX to pay Steven a visit.