Something’s up with Katie Armiger and her career

Katie Armiger
Katie Armiger – Instagram

Earlier today, news hit that Katie Armiger had “decided to take a breather” from country music. The news came directly from the Pete O’Heeron, the president of Armiger’s label Cold River Records. Now, however, Katie herself has taken issue with that statement.

The story started off simple enough. O’Heeron released a statement to Country Aircheck saying that Katie was stepping away from country music and deciding her next career path.

“Katie Armiger has decided to take a breather and decide her next career aspirations. … It has been the thrill of a lifetime to work with her and watch her blossom into one of the best singer-songwriters of her generation. Katie is a special talent and an even better person. As a label, we love her and support her decision and we will always be her biggest fans. … To our radio partners, we thank each of you for your support and friendship through the years. We hope to have an opportunity to thank each of you in person and we will be in touch very soon. We will have more information in the coming days about the future of the label. We have no plans for a reduction in staff. For now, we are going to take a minute to reflect on our many friends and the tremendous support the country music community has given us.”

It seemed an odd statement considering Katie was getting ready to release her new album, but artists are often known for doing odd things. Now, however, it’s sounding like there’s more going on behind the scenes than just an artist deciding to take a break.

Tonight, Katie took to Instagram to let fans know that things aren’t quite as cut and dry as they appear.

Let’s try this again since that was taken down.. “A breather? Quit country music? Leaving my career behind?” Not my words, and certainly not my intention. I’ll be able to make an official statement soon….Love you all! Oh… I no longer have access to my Twitter or FB accounts. 🌈☀️

Interesting. This is starting to sound more like a hostile take over rather than a peaceful departure. I’ll definitely post Katie’s official statement as soon as she releases it. I don’t know about you, but I’m interested to hear what she has to say.


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    It’s amazing how well your videos always chart well on CMT and GAC. You have great fan support creating these results in spite of traditional country radio politics. Entirely different on Sirius The Highway; they respond to fan input.


    I think she is a decent talent but not a STAR. PETE MAY BE TRYING THIS AS A PUBLICITY STUNT. PERSONALLY I THINK IT WILL BACKFIRE. I hope not because she has worked very hard.

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