Single mother has back broken at Kenny Chesney concert

Jolene Hess

I’m sure we’ve all had bad experiences at concerts, whether it’s the annoying teens in front of you who won’t quit jumping up and down and shrieking in the way only excited teen girls can, or the drunk guy behind you who keeps spilling beer on you. Whatever your bad concert story is, however, I bet it’s not nearly as bad as this lady’s concert story which involves a very large man crushing her.

Joelene Hess was enjoying the Kenny Chesney concert in Pittsburgh on Saturday when she says a rather large man behind her fell over and rolled on top of her and then continued tumbling down several more rows. She says the impact not only knocked the breath out of her but also broke her back.

“I heard everything crack. Everything in my back cracked,” Hess told WTAE on Tuesday.

The man ended up being escorted out of the concert and Hess spent the next three days in the hospital. Unfortunately, it doesn’t sound like security got any information from the guy and now Hess is searching for him.  She says she’s a single mother of three with a full-time job and now she’ll be out of work for the next few weeks. She’s hoping the guy will help out with the expenses his actions caused.

“You have to be responsible for the actions you cause, and that’s what I’m getting at,” Hess said. “You have to be responsible for that, and he crushed me.”

Officials at Pittsburgh Steelers’ stadium are also hoping to find out who the mystery tumbler is, saying, “Safety is a high priority at Heinz Field. We take these things very seriously, and we are in the process of gathering information to find out what happened and who was involved.”

Not surprising, Hess and officials say they believe the guy was drinking.

Kenny Chesney fan: I was crushed in the stands at Heinz Field concert