Sara Evans Speaks Out for Females in a “Tomatotally” Awesome Facebook Post


Sara Evans is a little bit stronger than most, having been one of the most vocal females about the lack of radio play her gender has received over the last many years. Sara has even taken a very visual stand by sporting a #BRACountry hat to show her support for herself and fellow women in the industry.


Sara was out of town last week when Keith Hill opened the flood (and salad) gate, but she returned to Facebook with some eloquently-stated fighting words regarding the ignorance that publicly reared its head. As a female artist who released a stellar album in 2014 (read my review on Country Music’s #CMchat), saw a mediocre amount of airplay, and was unnecessarily overlooked by the industry in regard to her record, Sara let her fingers do the talking as she took to social media with a responsive rant.


Can I get an A-[wo]men?! Sara, you are TOMATOtally amazing and LETTUCE tell you something – we are all for #BRACountry around here!

Featured image credit: Huffington Post