Sam Hunt Is the Reason UF Gators Softball Won the Women’s College World Series


Following a semi-devastating loss in the NCAA Women’s College World Series last night, the University of Florida Gators had to regroup and relax in order to face the University of Michigan Wolverines in the final game of the season. In order to gather their thoughts and band back together in true “it’s great to be a Florida Gator” fashion, the girls decided to throw themselves a little party.

A House Party to be exact.

On the way to the Oklahoma City softball field, the girls turned the Gator bus into a party bus, blasting Sam Hunt‘s new single “House Party.” Before they arrived to play the last, and perhaps the most nerve-wracking, seven innings of their season, the girls got their groove back and felt ready to face the world — or at least the Wolverines.

Ultimately, the UF Gators won the game  4-1 and took home the NCAA Women’s College World Series championship for the second year in a row. Congratulations, Gators! Let us now proceed to jam to a little Sam Hunt.