Sam Hunt brings the hits thanks to Walmart and #AXEStagePass


If there is one thing we know for sure about Sam Hunt, it’s that he has a dedicated fan base that strives to bring ongoing success to the Universal Music Group recording artist. If there is something we learned from Hunt’s Walmart AXE Stage Pass performances, it’s that those fans are working toward something very much attainable.


On the Walmart AXE Stage Pass Black webpage, Hunt performed four songs from his catalog for a room full of eager fans. Two of those songs have already become Number 1 hits, while another is on its way, and the last can be considered a bonafide fan favorite.

Throughout each song, Hunt kept his adoring crowd in the palm of his hands, throwing one of the best parties we have seen thus far; this time taking its show on the road to Arkansas to capture the event on camera. From “Leave the Night On” to “Take Your Time” to “House Party” to “Break Up in a Small Town,” the artist whose risks have paid off time and time again proved he is a master in regard to showmanship.


During the set, Hunt can be seen taking selfies with fans as he traverses through the front of the crowd, engaging the audience in a mass sing along, and doing everything shy of swinging from the rafters (likely because the rafters were out of reach). Just because you weren’t at the show live, it doesn’t mean you can’t experience it from the comforts of you own home. AXE Stage Pass to grab a front row seat to Sam Hunt’s Arkansas show. Click here for your “ticket”!

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