Walmart and #AXEStagePass gives you your backstage pass to Sam Hunt


Walmart and AXE Stage Pass has brought Sam Hunt‘s fans an inside look at their favorite artist, ranging from a front row concert seat to backstage access and interviews with one of country music’s hottest stars. Aside from treating the at-home audience to performances of four of their top Hunt tunes, the team at Walmart and AXE Stage Pass shared three intimate conversations with the hit-maker.


On the menu for topics to discuss with the man who inadvertently pushes the genre’s envelope, Hunt discussed his “Road to Nashville,” “Tour Life,” and “Doing Things Differently,” shedding light on where he came from, where he’s going, and how he intends to get there.

Most importantly, Hunt aims to “write songs that move me and hopefully move other people.” Applying that mentality to his album Montevallo, Hunt channeled a particular time period in his life and remained within those confines, attributing the record’s consistency to his “tunnel vision.”

I wanted all the songs to come from the same era in my life. I think that’s what created the continuity.

And despite being told certain things won’t work for the industry and won’t receive radio respect, Hunt stuck to his guns, trusted himself, and released music with which he was comfortable. Hunt credits two renowned songwriters for inspiring him to travel down his chosen path.

I met a couple of guys, Shane McAnally and Josh Osborne. . . . It really inspired me to go that direction full speed. . . . That was a pivotal moment in my songwriting career.

Full speed ahead included taking some of his closest friends on tour with him, guaranteeing a memorable experience and incomparable camaraderie. In fact, Hunt’s team is so connected that even when they are off the road, they are spending time together. But, it isn’t just the team that makes the road life worthwhile, it is the fans they see along the way. Watching the fans enjoy the shows is something priceless that Hunt holds dear.

See[ing] the joy and see[ing] them singing back lyrics. That’s the point I realized they’re invested.

One of the songs that proved the fans’ investment in Hunt’s career is Montevallo track “Break Up in a Small Town.” A song that Hunt says took on a life of its own is one that is relatable to anybody, no matter where they come from. Who hasn’t had to handle “navigating through the after math of a relationship that ends”?

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