Oh what a thrill it must be for The Mavericks to travel the world…


The Mavericks have always been a mix of fashion, traditional western sounds with big vocals and an influx of latin style accents. A sound that is undeniable them. This brought us such greats in the 90’s as ‘Oh What A Thrill’ and ‘What A Crying Shame.’ They never once bent who they were to please anyone and that in turn pleased their fans for decades.

And just who are their fans? Well, they’re from ALL over the world. And that has the band making some big travels as they continue to promote their latest record breaking album, ‘Mono.’ This album includes the infectious song ‘All Night Long.’

Their latest stop was in Switzerland where the band enjoyed the sights and sounds. They’re off to Spain next….

If their latest song, ‘All Night Long’ doesn’t make you want to break out into dance then are you even human? Check it out below: