Nick Jonas making sweet sweet music with April Kry?

Dang, first Nick Jonas jumps on the ACM stage with Dan + Shay and NOW THIS?! Nick shared a video he wrote when he was a youngin’ with his pops that the talented up and comer April Kry performed. SO….in a nutshell, Nick Jonas DID make sweet music with April Kry…just not THAT kinda music. This song is touching beyond words and totally tissue worthy.

A seriously beautiful tribute that was done so so so well! Check it out below:

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    Jennifer Pappas

    Wow…wow…wow….! I truly believe that April Kry is the new “important” female voice of country. This song broke my heart, yet inspired me and gave me comfort. And, that is what music, art, is meant to do, move you and make you FEEL something:) Bravo!!!!!!

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