Miranda Lambert’s horse glam jams better than most people….


Anyone else miss those glam jam videos Miranda Lambert used to post? I know I totally do.  I mean what’s better than seeing people rock out, using their hair brush as microphones while singing some awesome tunes? Normally I would say nothing. But not today friends. Not today.

Today I came across Miranda Lambert’s champion Welsh pony rocking out glam jam style to ‘Little Red Wagon’ and it’s EVERYTHING! And side note: What a fun barn to be a part of!

Check it out below (or here if that doesn’t work):


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  1. Larri78@msn.com'

    These are private people not celebrities, you shouldn’t post this. Pics w/ Miranda are one thing but this includes children. You should take this down- Lambert isn’t even in the video.

    1. Shannon

      Why in the world would we take it down? It’s a cute video of people having fun. Such a strange thing to take offense to.

      1. abnolez21@aol.com'

        They are NOT celebs. No offense but they are children.

        1. Shannon

          And they are dancing to a Miranda Lambert song with a horse. No one is naked. No one is doing anything that’s going to compromise their safety, their sanity, or their good name. It’s a harmless and cute video. My mama always said pick your battles and I’m sure there are better ones out there for you to champion.

  2. Ashley

    We would never compromise children. This is no different than sharing the Luke Bryan kid. The hashtag used on that video was a public hashtag. And once public, it is shareable. Thanks for reading!

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