Miranda Lambert makes the perfect duet partner for Kenny Chesney and here’s WHY….


Miranda Lambert may have been a no show at the CMT Awards despite being in town, but one thing she showed up BIG to was Kenny Chesney‘s Chicago concert. The country music superstars delivered not one, but TWO hits to the lucky crowd. Awfully generous of the two!

Now this isn’t the first time the duo has nailed a duet before. And while Kenny’s smooth vocals blend well with a ¬†variety of people….we think his PERFECT match is Miranda. I know…I know…Grace Potter is a tough one to beat, but hear me out…

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1) They’re both kick ass performers. Like above average level performers. And that’s fun to watch.

2)They owned a George Strait classic. That’s BOLD.

3) Miranda IS a Wild Child

And if those reasons don’t work, then watch the video below:


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