Miranda Lambert Makes Things Complicated in Canada


Miranda Lambert’s Roadside Bars and Pink Guitars 2015 Tour headed to Dauphin, Manitoba Canada over the weekend, bringing some Texas-born badassery to America’s neighbor to the north. Despite feeling like she “wasn’t herself” at the show (because she “couldn’t hear $h!+”), the crowd stuck around, rocked out, and drank, keeping the party going regardless of technical difficulties.

Since Miranda was in Canada, she found it fitting to bring out one of her idols; an artist who has been on Miranda’s tours for over a year as a member of her band. Carolyn Dawn Johnson is one of Canada’s finest, and she made a special spotlight appearance to perform one of Miranda’s favorite songs, “Complicated“. The two sang the song as a duet, complementing each other extraordinarily well and not sounding like anything close to $h!+.

Watch the video below to see the Canadian collaboration:


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  1. abnabliz36@MSN.COM'

    Miranda and CDJ girlpower. Don’t take everything she says so seriously she was AWESOME in Canada. Twitter talked about how great her set was! 🙂

    1. diamond.countrygirl@yahoo.com'

      JEN, keep up the good work you’ve been putting out. But hey, we can’t let anyone write a bad article about our girl Miranda, then read all this wonderful words you’re putting out to us about your roommates’s Sis.Now Miranda is human and has her bad night from time to time, but remember this Canada gig she got on her own, Blake Shelton didn’t have to make a call for this gig for Miranda, her promoter hasn’t rweeted to twitter about the good care he is giving to her gal Miranda. You may need to go and check out Miranda’s record from her very first record deal til now.Can’t be from giving fans to many bad shows. You can give your friend the Queen of the carpet, but Miranda is still our Superstar, She doesn’t play the beautiful needy One!

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