Mary Sarah Will Dress Up This Town (Listen!)


Mary Sarah has been dressing up Nashville, Tennessee for some time, impacting country music in a myriad of ways. Whether she is performing alongside her fellow songwriters at small rounds or collaborating with some of the most renowned artists in the history of the genre, the beautiful girl with pristine vocals and immeasurable passion is engrained on the minds and in the hearts of those in Music City.

In May, Mary Sarah teamed up with Kelsea Ballerini, Dustin Lynch, and bullrider Bonner Bolton for a Boot Barn promotion, sharing both her musical and modeling skills with the world in support of the lifestyle brand. In conjunction with the May mailer and promotion, Mary Sarah recorded “Dress Up This Town,” a full-length song that has been shortened for radio advertisement, but is now available for public consumption as a single.

“Dress Up This Town” is a mid-tempo, catchy song that embraces Mary Sarah’s youth while allowing her to showcase her finely-tuned God-given instrument that is as polished (if not more so) as the greats in country music. In the perfect summer track for the wide-eyed person ready to let loose, check responsibility at the door, and welcome a good time with open arms, the optimistic chorus suggests:

Let’s dress up this town and have some fun and shut them streets down while jaws are dropping. We’re taking over till the night gets all decked out and dress up this town.

Crank up “Dress Up This Town,” pull up your Boot Barn boots, and head out for a night with the girls or guys. By following Mary Sarah’s lead, one thing is for sure — you will have the opportunity to make an impression on a community, similar to the one this artist has made on country music.



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