Martina McBride Calls Keith Hill’s Statements a “Self-Fulfilling Prophecy”


And she couldn’t be more accurate, in my humble opinion.

Martina McBride joined CBS This Morning to fire back against radio consultant Keith Hill, whom she had a hand in outing last week for his insensitive and misogynistic comments regarding the absence of females in radio rotation. During the interview, Martina made an extremely interesting point, sharing that some of the best-selling country albums of all time were by females. Three of the five best-sellers were by Shania Twain, while another was by the Dixie Chicks.

Martina also points out the danger of making comments such as the ones Keith Hill made in Country Aircheck, indicating an obvious slippery slope that extends from not playing females, to not writing for females, to not signing females, thereby affecting the livelihoods of so many talented women. Hear this and more (including a conversation regarding the failure of male country artists to speak up in support of their female counterparts) by watching the video below.

Congratulations to Martina on spearheading the movement to shine light on this musical epidemic. Your leadership gives a whole new meaning to “This One’s for the Girls”.

See Martina McBride Speak Out Against Keith Hill