Maddie & Tae Reveal Album Cover (Pre-Order Here!)

Maddie & Tae

Maddie & Tae might have presented themselves to the industry as the antithesis of “Bro Country,” boldly speaking against the cliche “Girl in a Country Song.” However, it is with the duo’s new album that they truly intend to start their lengthy careers.

The album, appropriately titled Start Here, is now available for pre-order, despite the postponement of its release until August 28th. In explaining the slight delay of the release, Tae eloquently explained:

We wanted to get the feel – the sound of it – and the music right. You only make your first album once. We’d put so much heart into this, so many writing trips to Nashville when we were kids, building this music to be something special. We knew we were close, but we needed the time to step back and breathe, and get it right!

Start Here consists of eleven tracks that show fans Maddie & Tae’s perspective on the world, including dealing with dreams, strength, laughter, and haters. The record was produced by Nashville great Dann Huff, who has worked with Reba McEntire, Keith Urban, Taylor Swift, and more.

Pre-order Maddie & Tae’s debut full-length album by clicking the newly revealed cover art below:


Album cover photo credit: Allister Ann

Full track list:

1. Waitin’ on a Plane
2. Girl in a Country Song
3. Smoke
4. Shut Up and Fish
5. Fly
6. Sierra
7. Your Side of Town
8. Right Here, Right Now
9. No Place Like You
10. After the Storm Blows Through
11. Downside of Growing Up