Maddie & Tae finally get asked about “Tomatogate”….


Considering Maddie & Tae were the first women to see some actual exposure as the anti bro movement, it was surprising their opinion on women being called tomatoes hadn’t been voiced yet…and turns out there was a solid reason. They hadn’t been asked their opinion.

Rolling Stone sat down with the lovely duo and got straight to the nitty gritty:

“We actually haven’t been asked that yet in an interview, surprisingly,” says Maddie Marlow, when asked what she thinks of Hill’s comparison of female country artists to tomatoes, with their male counterparts — who supposedly make up the majority of the “salad” dished out by contemporary country radio — serving as the lettuce.

“It’s the worst analogy,” she continues. “The comment that stood out to me the most was saying that people don’t buy female music, because that’s completely false. I just bought the Kacey Musgraves record. She’s a female. Give me a break!”

Taylor Dye, the other half of the upstart duo, feels optimistic that the tides are turning for women with radio-ready music to share. “There are a lot of young women coming out right now,” says Dye. “Kelsea Ballerini just got her Number One and we were so excited for her. I think everyone, guys included, want to hear more of the female perspective, and we’re just glad to be part of this trend.”


There you have it. Straight out of the horse’s mouth. Do you agree the tides are turning?